Frequently Asked Questions


You more than welcome to send an e-mail to, or to fill-out the contact form.

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We will announce new releases and ongoing projects in our newsletter and on social media @360nuerburg and @360roadbooks on Instagram and Facebook.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our logistics partner is located in Germany, while I am located in Denmark. Only in very specific circumstances will it be possible to arrange a signed copy.

No, but several of our partners sell the books in their physical stores.

We have several partners around the Nürburgring. They typically sell the book for between 50 and 60 EUR incl VAT. Our partners include: PetrolArt, Apex Nürburg, RSR, EVN Ring Rentals, RingToys & RingSpares, ED Tankstelle on Döttinger Höhe, Classic Tankstelle in Barweiler, Atomic Shop, Paddock Legends store, Komo-Tec, @Nurburglivepics. You can also buy the book via the Grand Touring Company in Belgium. We cannot guarantee that they currently have the book in stock.  

At the moment it is not possible to buy our books on Amazon. We don’t plan to sell our books via Amazon in the near future.  

The books & the routes

The 360 NÜRBURG book is written in English and German. Both languages are included in the book. There are no separate English or German versions. 

At the moments there are no plans to get the book translated and published in other languages. 

Yes, I am! 

We are already working on two new books, which will be released in Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 respectively. 

Planning for further roadbooks to be released in 2023 has already started. 

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This depends on your operating system (e.g. Android, Apple), the version of your operating system, and the app in which you would like to load the files. Therefore, we cannot provide step-by-step support. In most cases the app which you would like use will have a support page, where you can find an answer to your question.

It is a know issue that some QR code scanners cannot read the QR codes in our books. We recommend to try downloading a different QR code scanner via your app store. All QR codes have been tested on several telephones prior to publication, so we can guarantee that they worked at the time of release of the books. Due to technical reasons, we cannot guarantee that the QR codes will remain functional over time. It is also possible to download the GPX- and KML navigation files on our homepage, in case you cannot get the QR codes to function.

We tried several navigation and route planning apps during the research for our books. We determined that Calimoto was best suited to our needs. Route planning and navigation are offered in the same app. The number of waypoints in a route is practically unlimited. The navigation is quite reliable. The curvy roads algorithm is great. And it is possible to change the direction of travel and to jump into a route at any time.

360 Roadbooks is not affiliated with Calimoto. We do not receive any commissions or other payments for recommending Calimoto. As a matter of fact, we facilitate the use of other navigation apps by enabling you to download GPX- and KML-files, which you can upload to your own preferred navigation app.

It might be possible to receive a code to unlock a 14-day Calimoto premium trail period. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

Shipping & returns

We ship world-wide. Shipping rates are visible in the online shop prior to ordering. If not, you are welcome to contact us for a shipment quote.

If you choose shipment with insurance and tracking, you should receive a tracking number upon creation of the shipment label. You can enter the tracking number on the homepage of the transport company, in order to track the delivery status. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, please feel free to contact us.

It is possible to return an order under specific circumstances. Please see our Returns and Complaints policy.

We offer standard shipping with Deutsche Post / DHL, both with and without insurance and shipment tracking. 

If you choose shipping without insurance and tracking, 360 ROADBOOKS cannot be held liable for damaged or lost shipments. The risk is fully yours, but we want to offer you this option because of the substantial shipping cost saving. 

In certain situations, we might select another transport company based on our best judgement at the time of shipping.  

Orders above 2kg will typically be sent with DHL or UPS, and always with both insurance and tracking.  

You can find more information about the process that must be followed in this situation in our Returns and Complaints policy.


You can pay with most credit cards and with several local payment services. We also offer payment in advance via Bank Transfer. Unless you are a business customer and purchase 10 or more books, it is not possible to pay after receipt of the products.

Payments are processed via the plugin for WooCommerce. is one of Europe’s biggest online payment services and they facilitate secure payment. We do not receive your account details.

It is currently not possible to order via Paypal in our online store. But if Paypal is the only payment method you can or want to use, please send us an e-mail. We will find a solution.