What’s a roadbook you ask? The dictionary will tell you the following:

“Roadbook, noun,

: a guidebook especially devoted to routes and distances”

[The Merriam-Webster dictionary]

But a 360 ROADBOOK is much more than just a guidebook. 

I want my books to offer you an experience. The beautiful pictures should make you feel as though you’re there. On the road, in your favourite vehicle. No worries on your mind. Just an open road and all the time in the world to thoroughly enjoy the moment. The focus isn’t on my journey on these roads. Instead, it’s all about YOUR journey.

360 ROADBOOKS are made especially for people who are passionate about driving cars, riding motorbikes, or going on road trips in general. People who love being on the road. The kind of people who gladly take a detour to experience an especially scenic or engaging road just for the fun of it.

Whether you love planning your own journeys or prefer someone else does the work for you, these roadbooks are a valuable resource that will help you get the most out of your road trips.

If a road trip sounds more appealing than spending your hard-earned free time on the beach somewhere, these roadbooks are made for you.

360 ROADBOOKS are made especially for people who are passionate about driving cars, riding motorbikes, or going on road trips in general. People who love being on the road.

The perfect way to discover new places

By combining input from a large variety of sources and many thousands of kilometers on the local roads, I create roadbooks that will help you in getting the most out of every trip.

I go the extra mile in my quest to create extraordinary roadbooks for fellow road trip enthusiasts:

  • Each area and route are meticulously researched. Behind the desk, but – even more importantly – behind the wheel. I visit the area multiple times and drive thousands of kilometres on the local roads. I adjust the routes until I am confident each route is as enjoyable and interesting as possible. You won’t find many boring highways and main roads on my routes!  
  • I include hundreds of handpicked points of interest, hotels, and restaurants to ensure my roadbooks are as usable as possible and offer something for everybody.
  • I take thousands of pictures. I don’t use the same filters for every picture, and I don’t resort to buying stock images that are available to anyone.
  • Convenient navigation is a cornerstone of the 360 ROADBOOKS. Each route comes with navigation files that can be downloaded via QR codes or direct links.
  • The custom-made maps provide a clear overview of the route, the points of interest, recommended places to eat and stay the night, and the most exciting and beautiful roads.
  • The roadbooks are printed by one of the best printing houses in Germany* (*Druck&Medien awards 2018–2023)

My story - Frank Berben-Groesfjeld

I was born and raised in a small city in the south of the Netherlands, surrounded by flat farmland and forests. After meeting the love of my life on a summer holiday in Spain, I moved to Denmark in 2002, one of the few countries in the world with even less impressive hills than my home country. Having lived my entire life in places where switchbacks and seriously curvy roads are rare, I have learned to truly appreciate such roads. Whenever I encounter a scenic, twisty road, the endorphins pump through my body, and I find myself in the moment, enjoying every second. I started 360 ROADBOOKS to share this passion with you.  

My first roadbook – 360 NÜRBURG – was released in 2020, but the story of 360 ROADBOOKS started many years earlier.

As a kid, I wasn’t exactly a model student. I didn’t pay much attention in class, and my grades were barely sufficient to get me into college. But I was curious, I loved to learn, and I yearned to see and experience new things. I thrived when given the freedom to focus on the things that interested me. Home assignments gave me that freedom. I thoroughly enjoyed creating booklets and working on projects. I would spend days drawing, writing, and looking for images I could use.

My interest in motorised vehicles wasn’t spoon-fed. Neither my parents nor most of my family had much interest in them. But I have been fascinated with cars, bikes, boats, planes, and military equipment ever since I can remember. Even so, road trips used to be foreign to me. Before the age of 18, the closest I ever came to a road trip were the long, boring bus trips from the Netherlands to our summer holiday destinations. But that changed very quickly when I got my driver’s licence and tasted the freedom to drive anywhere I desired.

I discovered photography when I was 19 years old. I lived in a beautiful suburb south of Aarhus, surrounded by gentle hills and forests. Before I could apply for university, I had to spend a year learning the Danish language. As I learned rather quickly, I had loads of spare time. I often wandered for hours through the city and forests, taking pictures of everything that caught my eye – landscapes, animals, architecture, people, sports, and cars. Back then, the opportunity to experience exciting roads was still very rare, so I cherished every occasion.

In 2018, I unexpectedly saw an opportunity to start a business I could be truly passionate about. Putting two and two together, I decided to make a richly illustrated roadbook for like-minded motoring and road trip enthusiasts. As I was visiting the Nürburgring race track every month or so, it felt logical to focus on the beautiful Eifel region in Germany. 360 NÜRBURG was released in 2020, and it became an unexpected success. It sold out in the first year after its publication, and the positive comments and reviews I received lit a fire in me that burns to this day.

I have published several roadbooks since 2020, and hope to continue doing so for many years to come. It means a lot to me if you subscribe to my newsletter or follow 360 ROADBOOKS on social media so you don’t miss new roadbooks. With your support, I can continue to create these unique roadbooks and share the joy of being on the road with you. 


The journey is the destination. Hit the road!

Frank Berben-Groesfjeld
Author, Photographer, Publisher of 360 ROADBOOKS