Shipment and delivery policy of 360 ROADBOOKS

We offer world-wide shipment. The shipping costs and options for most countries are stated before you confirm the order. For shipment to certain countries, you need to contact us for a shipment quote. Likewise, you are welcome to contact us if you wish to order 5 or more books. In this case we might be able to offer you better shipment rates or volume discounts. We want to make sure that anybody, anywhere, can order our products.

Dispatch of your order takes place 3-5 business days after order confirmation under normal circumstances.  

We use well-respected transport companies for our shipments, e.g. Deutsche Post, DHL, and UPS. Books ordered with economy shipment usually take 4 to 8 business days to arrive inside the EU from the time of dispatch. Books ordered with express shipment inside the EU usually take 2 to 3 business days to arrive from the time of dispatch. Depending on your chosen shipment option, you should expect that delivery will take place up-to 5 to 12 business days after placing the order. This is an estimate and not a guarantee. We will do our best to deliver the products to you as soon as possible. Delivery to countries outside the EU usually takes longer. It is not possible for us to give an estimate, as the delivery time is highly dependent on the customs process of each country. We recommend express shipment for time-critical orders both inside and outside the EU. In case you haven’t received the books 12 business days after placing the order, you are welcome to contact us to request the tracking number, if this hasn’t been provided to you already.

For international deliveries, you are solely responsible for any additional taxes, customs fees, and import duties.

Important: Please notice the differences in price, delivery time, insurance, and shipment tracking between economy and express shipment. Economy shipment is only possible for orders under 2kg. In certain situations, it might be advantageous to place several separate orders to stay below 2kg per order.

If you choose the economy shipment option without insurance and shipment tracking, please be aware that we cannot support you in case your shipment does not arrive within the expected timeframe. Likewise, you forfeit your right to a refund or replacement product, if the shipment does not arrive or if the shipment is damaged during transport.  

You are responsible for keeping track of the shipment and to collect the shipment at your post office or pick-up point within the timeframe set by the transport company or pick-up point. If the shipment is returned to us because it was not possible to deliver the shipment to you, either because you didn’t pick up the shipment in time or because there was a problem with the address, you are not eligible for a refund. Upon your request, we will resend the shipment to you. In this case, we will charge the shipment costs once more.    

We only deliver by mail. Collection of goods is not possible.